It pleases me to hear this news.

Are you two talking about me?

I'm afraid that he might be late for the train.

Wes is a bit short for his age.

I suspected that Felix had fallen in love with Claire.

That's putting it mildly.


We must make every effort to do away with all discrimination.


They don't want to lose any more.


This doesn't make any sense.


He admired my new car.

There's nothing to celebrate.

Who bought a book at the shop?

Gale pulled the ring off his finger.

Her face was not clear in the poor light.

How quickly does the bird fly?

Kathy has made his feelings clear.


I think I'd be a good father.


You would not have needed to take a taxi.

He lives frugally.

Are your speakers Philips or Samsung?


Are you ten?


The Southeast and Caribbean region is home to more than 80 million people and some of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas.

I'll just leave.

You know what they say about Heather.

My father spoils me.

You seem to be way too busy.

I've left that line of business.

We rowed up the river against the current.


You won't have any more trouble with Duane.


Listen and learn.


You'll be expected to dance with Anton.

I cannot stand you anymore.

In Japan there are a lot of beautiful cities. Kyoto and Nara, for example.


All the passengers got seasick during the storm.



When I was young, I would play near that river.

I'll show you how this game is played.

It'll be finished in a day or two.

His eyes searched my face to see if I was talking straight.


Vicky has money problems.


We have forty-five.

What is it you want to tell me?

That helps out a lot.

All the women thought Jayant was really handsome.

I have to make some changes.

We'll bring them.

Ramesh wanted to play another game.

I turned off the TV and settled down to put the finishing touches to the report.

How many eggs did mammy buy?

I wish I could stop thinking about Jean.

They know him.

Amiens is north of Paris.

Miki really didn't know better.

I'll take Tran home now.

I can't stand it any longer. Turn that music off. It's driving me crazy.

Maybe what Nicolas said was true.

He found his end.


Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.

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Does Pratap know that?

I'll never be another Sherlock Holmes.

Rusty had a look at James's house interior.


What's your older sister's name?

He changed schools last year.

Srinivas was always there.

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

There's absolutely no chance that Klaudia will win the race.


She forced him to eat spinach.

I hate myself for not having the will power to quit eating junk food.

Before he went fishing, he dug up some worms for bait.

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It's obvious that she doesn't care about us.


Red clothes suit her.

Hirofumi wanted advice from Barrio.

First of all, I'm not for sale.

Valentin was caught padding his expense account.

When you have written your name, write the date.

She goes to vocational school.

Who did Patrice fight?


I'm sorry, my father is not home.

It's the story of my life.

I was born in Boston.

He refused to answer my questions.

They walked outside.

What he says is of no importance to me.

Are you sure it will work?

I'm really flattered to hear that.

They leave you, not so dark as the waiting house, not so surely promised to eternity as that which every night becomes the climbing stars.


Marci made me swear that I wouldn't tell anyone.

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I saw a man get hit by a car.

She paused in surprise.

Bulletproof glass has already saved many lives.

She looked at the picture to refresh her memory.

Erick thanked Anderson for letting him use her computer.

Old people have difficulty understanding new technology of the time.

He became famous thanks to his mother.


Everybody listens to you.

I am convinced that he did nothing wrong.

Let's go eat together.

Believe me when I tell you that I don't love you.

An unclaimed child and his dog sit by the railroad tracks.

Sorry, I can't tell you my name. It's too indecent.

I don't like pepperoni pizza very much.

Why haven't you talked to Jerald about this yet?

This sentence has five words.

This orange is really delicious.

Where can I wash my hands?

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Kamel went to a wedding last weekend.

Joshua is said to have been a great singer in her youth.

A refrigerator keeps meat fresh.

Dan's pitbull attacked Linda's small dog.

I'm not saying this to hurt you, but it's the truth.

Amarth's angry.

You can't do anything other than admire his courage.


The guilt he felt over the affair made him spill his guts to his wife.

I doubt there's anyone following me.

That was your plan.

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I walked in a contrary direction to everyone else.

I'd like to buy some stickers.

Both of them study at the local college.


I have to go to a stupid party with Grace and his stupid friends.


Sanford had never seen a moose until he moved to Alaska.

You owe us a big apology.

Who is Pedro?

Switch it off.

We are not expecting any help from you.

It had to be an easy language, or it was math.

Lori is one of the most beautiful girls I know.

Heat it up.

He had come back from China.


Just out of curiosity, what do you expect to happen?

I don't care too much for hot food.

He was just on the verge of going to sleep.


Britain was not geared up for war then.


Can you stay till Monday?

Moses arrived after Earnie left.

Just let me walk away.

Victor is unreal.

He asked me if I like maths.


Never in all my life have I seen such a dreary graveyard.

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I can tell it all to my best friend.

Forgive my laziness.

It disappointed him.

You can drink water, but you can also let it be.

It's his dirty little secret.

I would like to eat there.

If Keith is the problem, maybe you should get rid of him.


You have the right to have a lawyer present.

Don't you think that's funny?

It was working.

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I thought I was completely over Marilyn.

When his mother studied their genealogy, she was horrified to find out they were related to Hitler.

Never seem more learned than the people you are with. Wear your learning like a pocket watch and keep it hidden. Do not pull it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked.


I think that's why Tanya doesn't have any friends.

Our farm isn't far away from here.

Isn't it about time you guys buried the hatchet and let bygones be bygones?

Where is it kept?

Lois doesn't allow his children to play with Jesus.


Don't speak with your hands in your pockets.

Winter is here, and the weather's getting cold.

I'm going to take early retirement.

Daryl is getting soft in his old age.

She was surprised at his appearance.